The qualified rate is 91.91% Zhejiang college new students’ physical health test data released

Original title: The province’s new students’ physical health test data released recently, the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Education announced the "2019 school year in the province’s new students (Zhejiang high school graduates) physical health test." It is reported that the 2019 school year, the province’s 105 colleges and universities (including independent colleges) got a total of 3,229,96 new students’ physical health test data.

Remove some of the provincial sources and other provincial sources and other provincial sternary sources, and actually collect the effective data of Zhejiang new students a total of 23,800,074. According to the high school school of the source, the sample amount is in 761 high schools in 30 people and above (542 secondary high school schools, 219 secondary vocational schools). The results show that the total score of the new students’ health test of Zhejiang colleges and universities is divided into points, the qualified rate is%, the excellent rate is%, and the good rate is%.

Compared with the previous school year, the indicator data is basically stable, and the variation is not large. The average reduction is reduced, and the excellent rate is increased, and the good rate decreased%, the pass rate decreased. The province’s universities high-quality index, lung capacity, sitting body exterior, bumbler, upper and sit-ups, 50 m running, and 50 m running have maintained an upward trend for 6 consecutive years. The test scores of boys standing and opening up to 1000 meters running projects have declined in nearly 3 years. The difference between the evaluation results of each project is consistent with the first two years and continues to maintain a smooth trend. In addition to the strength of the strength of the project (the primer to the upper / supine) score, the score is relatively low (average fraction, the qualified rate%), and the other qualified rates have reached more than 78%.

(驭 亚, Fang Juxi) (Editor: Jin Zhongyao, Zhang Liwei).