Resolutely reverse the passive situation of forest fire protection work

Original title: Resolutely reverse the passive situation of the forest fire prevention, the State Council supervisors the special rectification of the forest grassland anti-extinguishing fire in Liangshan Prefecture will be held in Xichang City, and the State Council Sichuan Forest Grassland DEVICE National Remediation Supervision Group Deputy Director Dai Jianguo attended the meeting. The supervision team pointed out that in recent years, the Liangshan State Government has done a lot of work in the forest fire prevention, but in the ideological understanding, responsibility, publicity launch, on-site command, team construction, risk hidden danger, forest grassland anti-fire infrastructure and equipment construction There is still insufficient aspects.

Liangshan State has caused major casualties in the past year, and the lessons are profound, and they need to be painful, and they will give them three, in-depth rectification, and resolutely reverse the passive situation of forest fire prevention work.

  The supervision team emphasizes that the party committees and the majority of party members and cadres at all levels of Liangshan State shall earnestly unify ideological understanding, further strengthen education leadership, and effectively correct all kinds of ideological deviations, guide at all levels to take the initiative, active as a non-three, and analyze.

Establish a distinctive orientation of the problem, earnestly insist on the issue of the issue, find the required requirements, and seize the research deployment special rectification plan and the specimen partial role. Adhere to the principle of rectifying the rectification of the rectification, putting the current and long-term, governance, the cure, hardware and software, adopting strong measures, and strives to prevent the resolution of major safety risks, and resolutely achieve special rectification target requirements.

  Liangshan State said that it will firmly consciously put a good job in the supervision and feedback on the unshirkable political responsibility of party organizations and major party members and cadres. The issues, requirements, pain, and stand-alone, and compaction " The same bits, the first post and double responsibility, always put the firefighting players personal safety and the people’s lives and property safety, concentrate on promoting ideological understanding, institutional mechanism, responsibility, hidden danger investigation, fire source control, infrastructure "Ten special rectification actions" such as team construction, scientific arrest, publicity and education, and Xichang Lushan disaster governance, etc.

(Sichuan Daily Reporter Ren Hong) (Editor: Luo Wei, Gao Hongxia).