Two shore of 2021 STS 2-strand docking planning: these two sides of the unified new coordinates, do you know?

Jinmen Island access to the mainland high-speed rail has played on the 12th, and the China Civil Aviation Authority and the Fujian Provincial Government jointly approved the preliminary design and budget for Xiamen New Airport Engineering Terminal and Supporting Project, which marked Xiamen New Airport Engineering, which is about to enter substantive construction. The stage (project is expected to start at the end of this year, in 2025).

  It should be noted that the "air iron linkage" is an important direction for the coordinated development of China’s mainland. Therefore, in the study of the reasonable connection between Xiamen Xiang’an International Airport and Rail Transit, the relevant department has been included in the national security and political factors.

  In fact, Goldenmen have long been planning to launch with Xiamen. Jian Jinxia Bridge has always been a "Yin Yin" of several Jinmen County. Repair a cross-sea intercity orbit, two of the gold, Xiamen, which means that the Golden Gate is inserted with Xiamen wings, which can be very convenient from Xiamen International Airport.

Taiwan Golden Gate Bridge is expected to be completed next year. Jinxia Bridge has practical: Ma Ying-jean rushes, started construction of Golden Bridge on May 1, 2012.

This is a sea bridge that connects to the Golden Golden Island (Dajin Gate) with Little Golden Gate. The whole length of kilometers, including cross-sea bridges, maximum spans 280 meters.

It is expected to be completed at the end of 2021, and in October 2022 passed on.

  The two-strait folks under this scene can be described as "brothers climbed each other."

Once the Jinxia Bridge is built, the water, electricity and gas in the motherland will be hanging tube with the bridge, more conveniently realizing "three links", and the people’s livelihood will be greatly improved.

This has always been a welfare project supported by Jinmen folks and 99% of public opinion. The high-speed rail "into the sea" is not a dream 13 days, and the new "Fuxia High Speed ??Rail" in mainland China has also passed good news. "Fuxia High Speed ??Rail" section – Zizhou Bay Cross Sea Bridge successfully engaged in the dragon, marking this high-speed rail section to successfully change the key node.

The general length of the Zizhou Bay Cross Sea Bridge, of which the sea area construction is long, which is the first cross-sea high-speed rail tower cable bridge in China. Zizhou Bay Cross Sea Bridge successfully tailored.

  Building high-speed rails across the sea, we can extend our future railway to Taipei, leaving a full imagination space. You know, Taiwan Straits Northern Nandwide, Pingtan is the mainland of Taiwan’s nearest islands, with Taiwan’s Hsinchu Port only 68 nautical miles away.

It can be said that Fuxia high-speed rail successfully practiced technical verification of the high-speed railway of Beijing, solved the "cross-sea" problem of traffic lines.

  The relevant plans to "repair road to Taiwan", the central government has continued to plan for more than ten years, and now how to accelerate implementation. On February 24, this year, the national comprehensive three-dimensional transport network planning is mentioned on the schematic diagram of the national comprehensive three-dimensional traffic network main skeleton layout, it has been planned from Fuzhou to Taipei from Fuzhou to Taipei. Channel. On November 15th, the National Natural Resources Department reported that infrastructure such as major transportation such as the Ministry of Transport, the National Development Reform Commission and Fujian Province, and the overall research on supporting the development of cross-strait branches of the Straits are included in national related plans. "More cross-strait users, start silently" Sitting high-speed rail to Taipei ", this is no longer the" mouth "in the lyrics.

Once the high-speed rail from Fuzhou to Taipei, the straight line distance between the two places is about 250 kilometers, and Taipei can be reached in accordance with the current high-speed rail speed, less than 1 hour.

The dream of this 1.4 billion Chinese children and grandchildren, now has become a step-by-step practice, and will eventually go to the realistic "Chinese Dream". Conclusion For a point of view, the planning of the two sides of the sea traffic docking is to solve the technical engineering perspective, and hand over the two-strait unified timetable. Taiwan media has already interpreted the hidden information: "Today, the day to build a cross-sea railway, must be the day of the two sides of the strait"! Crossing the two sides of the joints, is coming a day. Realizing the country is completely unified, it is an inevitable requirement for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, and it is also a task we must complete! A family of branches on the strait, bilateral compatriots have blood in water. The two sides of the strait have realized unity, is the common expectations of the people of the two sides of the strait, wish and call! (Huaxia Jingwei Net Li Wei Comprehensive Report).