"Director, please advise" Deconstruction "a film’s birth" to trigger the industry’s inside and outside

  If it is not a variety, people are hard to imagine such a scene: I have been "rouge" famous for many years, Jin Jin Penghui and output network review minimum filters are considered in the same scheme, although they did not directly fight directly. If it is not a variety of variety, people are also hard to imagine "Who is the scene of the scene" "Three views of the film" "Three views of the director" "The audience needs to understand the film" and so on all the issues of different links in the film industry chain It will be discussed solely. It is undeniable that Tencent video pushing film and television director competition realist show "Director, please" debut with controversy and opinion.

However, as 14 people in the 16th director have completed unveiled, this variety of variety of "birth of a film" has also made people see several treasure-like newcomers, several or have Maxi or have a short film that is sincerely attentive and even individual talents. With the content of the content that is not sent, the true value of this variety is to appear – with as much as possible concentrated samples, the creation of the entire newcomer; with a variety of rhythm, usually in the year, millions Yuan is a cost-budget movie creation under the cost of consolidated time financial resources, meets the audience; more than the special attribute attribute at the real, let the people on the real creation chain.

  Once brushed the outside of Hubbub, those "controversial" from the director, the industry and the audience or "debate" in fact hidden a lot of really creative proposition, that is precisely the contemporary Chinese film market need to clarify the creation of Proverbs. Art and commerce, can only binary oppositions do? The name of the variety to the director, 16 into the "track" of course, is the program director of the protagonist. Among them are the International Film Festival and-coming new directors have donated Coban, De Gena, have played and an excellent guide Francis Ng, including Bell, Han Xue, there are still college Guoqiang phase, there are movies but have learned to preside Kevin Tsai well-known identity for the audience. Coupled senior director Stanley Kwan joined surprise, "Please advise the director" has indeed been a miniature version of the "director field guide" means. In fact, "The Birth of a movie" is the process to the public from the artistic director, sits program of four producers, as well as on-site sitting pontificating critic and audience group consisting of a hundred people, it is this same file and the whole Chinese Arts movie constitute an important ecosystem.

Parties gathered in the industry chain, making short films on the program even explore the Chinese film samples just have meaning.

  In recent years, the rapid development of the Chinese film market, the proper way to select called "Ask the soul": the film’s artistic and commercial property, dualism can only do it? Different contexts often have different answers to this question. On "Please advise the director" of the stage, who we heard "Bainiaozhaofeng" knees and begged market row of film producer Fang Li, after the national theme in De Gena directed short film screenings for critics praised her shouted "do not kill her holding" exhortation; also see the latest phase of the program to stimulate the science fiction version of "small time" typical one: do not understand is the theatrical movie? Behind explore these a circle, all with how much output point of view of the program itself: a movie should not be carnival niche, a healthy market big enough for both commercial films, always retain the proper place for the author movies. As has been involved in the production of "Hello, Lihuan Ying" "Chinatown Holmes" and other films producer Chen Zhi Xi reiterated their point of view, "Business and art are not inconsistent, there must be a good movie can have it both ways," tap different audiences groups like the "greatest common divisor" movie, is also a producer needs of the entire market.

  "People take time", new director really need what kind of support? Has donated director of short film "Love" won the first stage of the highest score so far.

Her idea of "Journey to the West," the adaptation of the perfect interpretation of what is "good works off the people questioned mouth." Producer Haolei Xing excitedly to all those present shouted, "For really good movie touched and is consistent with our knowledge, is not it?" The variety of audiences know from this delicate and mature "love" was donated in the new director.

  If the time back on the return pilot film line, how many people it holds cautious optimism when speaking frankly had donated even skepticism.

Pilot film, she said: "A friend called to ask me why I want to participate in this program, is not to red to, just want the red, want you to know I am a director can be found?.

"" My greatest wish is to be able to work and meet the audience. "In the" era after the traffic "in on" red "field holds a different opinion immediately sit on the sidelines attitude, she would dare undisguised truth to come clean, because the living situation she faced the dilemma now is the new director of the before a come "Please advise the director", who donated the work has a chance to release, and has never before appeared in such a broad audience.

Her graduate work "Moon Summer Diary" won the student film competition at the 8th FIRST Youth Film Festival – nominated for best feature film, "cloud water" were given a light future of the 47th Rotterdam International Film Festival Award nomination, and this is her best evaluation of the two works.

However, only those who know stored in the circle.

Similarly, Ning Yuan Yuan, De Gena, Wang Yang also in the "Please advise the director" of the stage harvested awareness.

  Program director of the recently announced participation lineup, a lot of people doubt: Stanley Kwan Is there any need support? Kevin Tsai, Han Xue, including Bell and other resources are not missing anything looks new director, what they lack? The first stage near the end, the answer gradually clear.

For the audience, this may be the first director to work full understanding of the whole process of variety in the monitor. And the director individual, "director Please advise" do they not see each other again.

Young directors unique expression, but in the face of the field more than their senior actor, who mastered the true voice; mature mellow Director techniques, can be docked moment the audience aesthetic preferences, mood of the times; straddling the director can digest, but the site they often stretched for time scheduling ability to control field shot multitude; even stream of consciousness "inspired type" creation, repeatedly revised the script is still the case also appears more than once in the program after the boot. All these different provenance is both director of confusion, another point of view, every one of them is also to be made up of "room for growth." In other words, if the outstanding performance has donated needs attention brought variety, then the "beat all the times" too many people straddling directed the cylinder, the new director needs some practical experience, the need for dialogue with the audience, it is necessary culture the conscious creation of heritage and sophisticated content, and some ideas of the director needs to be a producer of "Regulation" in line with the thinking of the movie industry system. Greater industry background may find it difficult to bypass. Film school born Kevin Tsai noted that the past two years, "three minutes watching a classic" seems to have become fashion, film and television industry has been hard to avoid short video blows.

At this moment to come, "Please advise the director", he personally would like to shoot video of accumulated some experience, we have come to cope with future competition.

As a senior Kwan is clear that the era of confrontation with the different rheological, the importance of the collision, to express his own recent experience in university teaching with, "We should have enough space, freedom, let the young they can realize their most want something "" we have to know what young people think, why think so. "

(Reporter Wang Yan).