National Science and Technology Special Tour: Send a "Gift Pack" for the revitalization of the countryside

Original title: National Science and Technology Special Tour: Send a "Gift Pack" for rural revitalization. The Fourth Sizi Banner in Ulanchabu, located in the middle of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, is the largest potato planting area in the city. The sowing area has stabilized at about 600,000 acres per year.

Recently, the potato planting enterprises and planting households of Sizi Wangqi ushered in the service and technology "big gift package" sent by the expert team of the National Science and Technology Special Tour. In Inner Mongolia China Canada Agricultural Biological Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as China -Canada Bio), the technical personnel of the breeding team of the science and technology special group from key links from new varieties selection process, key technology selection technology, processing variety selection, cultivation technology and other key links Training, at the same time provides enterprises with 4,000 pieces of potato ingredients.

  "When the technology special group came to send technology, we just caught up with the key links of our unveiling charts. They organized a team of experts to make a unveil and innovative consortium for our company. Technical services are essential for our company.

"The person in charge of China -Canada biological told reporters. The recommended 1089 high -level and high -level industrial technical experts are composed of high -level and high -level industrial technical experts. They concentrate on supporting the key points of rural rejuvenation in 160 countries across the country to help counties to consolidate and expand the results of poverty alleviation, comprehensively promote rural revitalization, focus on promoting the development of rural industries, and strengthen the support of science and technology and talent. Since the work deployment of the item, the Organization Department of the Inner Mongolia Party Committee has quickly responded to organize and coordinate the work of the Autonomous Region Science and Technology Department, the Agricultural and Animal Howing Department to do a good job of deployment guidance, continuous connection and contact services, and lay a solid foundation for the work of science and technology special groups. Essence

  At the same time, the Inner Mongolia Science and Technology Special Touring Liaison Service Office is established to promote the physical operation of the liaison office, establish a three -level liaison officer and convener coordination system, and further strengthen the contact scheduling and service guarantee. At present, the first batch of 10 countries in Inner Mongolia has all completed the docking work of the Science and Technology Special Trip of Fuqi County, and members of the special group have been in -depth to the 10 key counties in the region to carry out comprehensive work. How to determine the introduction of new varieties and technologies introduced for local industries and technical needs in the East Inner Mongolia Grand Banner in the East Inner Mongolia, and promoting the high -quality development of the rice industry has always been one of the key issues of high -quality development of local agriculture.

With the problem, Xu Xingjian, a member of the Science and Technology Special Touring Group and the leader of the rice industry team, led a team to the Harri Dao Bughazha, Bayanhushu Town to carry out scientific and technological services. In Hairi Daohugacha, Harbin Town, Bayan, the team went deep into the rice seedlings of rice seedlings, detailed the condition of breeding seedlings, guided the cultivation technology on the spot, and carefully explained the seedlings of seedlings, seed germination tests, temperature and humidity control in the shed, fertilization of rice seedlings, etc. In terms of knowledge, preliminary ideas have been put forward on product processing packaging, brand building and marketing. Harri Dao Bughazha said: "It can communicate face -to -face with experts with technology specialists. Such opportunities are very rare. On -site questions, confuses at the moment, are of strong guiding significance for improving the operating standards of various links in rice seedlings and ensuring the quality of sowing quality. "" We will concentrate their strengths, combined with the development shortcomings and technical needs inspected by this survey, increase their efforts to introduce the development of varieties, demonstration technology and training in the development of the Rongyouzhongqi rice industry, and provide industrial intelligence support. " In the first step of work plan, Xu Xingjian said that it will work hard in improving the ability of agricultural science and technology innovation, the quality and efficiency of agricultural leading industries, the professional level of local scientific and technological talents, and the scientific and cultural quality of farmers, and promote the consolidation and expansion of the effective connection of the rejuvenation of poverty alleviation. Promote the prosperity of the rice industry and increase the income of farmers.

  It is understood that the 10 rural rejuvenation of Inner Mongolia to help Qi County Science and Technology Special Troupe consists of some domestic scientific research institutes, colleges and universities, state -owned enterprises and other units to organize and select 190 experts and scientific and technological personnel. The backbone technicians in the special team carried out the work, mainly focusing on the five aspects of industrial technical guidance services, variety technology introduction and promotion, centralized technical bottlenecks, local talent training gangs, and agricultural industrial function expansion. It provides a strong guarantee for helping the industry’s quality improvement and efficiency and empowering the revitalization of the countryside.

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