In RCEP, meet the more open Tianjin

Data from the Beijing -Tianjin -Hebei region and major trading partners Source: Tianjin Customs Unit: RMB Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (RCEP for short), officially implemented on January 1, 2022.

RCEP currently has 15 member states, and its total population, economic volume, and total trade account for about 30%of the world’s total, which is the largest free trade zone in the world.

On the last day of February, the first Australian ocean route in Tianjin Port was officially opened after RCEP took effect. What new opportunities will this world’s largest "circle of friends" bring to Tianjin? More than 90 % of the goods trade finally achieved zero tariffs. "In the first year of RCEP, we exported Japan’s orders can enjoy a tariff reduction of 60,000 yuan. According to the RCEP policy arrangement, Japan’s import tariffs on straws will be reduced to zero year by year. The reduction of tariff costs has undoubtedly brought new opportunities to our expansion of the Japanese market. "There is a account in the heart of Zheng Zhonglie, the head of the Import and Export Department of Ruiyi (China) Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. (referred to as Ruiyi Company) in Wuqing District. He told reporters: "Our company has more than 200 batches and about 15 million yuan of straws on Japan each year, accounting for about 30 % of the company’s export.

In the first month of the RCEP agreement, we increased by%of Japan’s exports year -on -year, which also shows that after enjoying the RCEP tariff reduction policy, Chinese products are more popular in the Japanese market. "The RCEP" zero tariff "commitment and cumulative rules for the origin of RCEP" zero tariffs ".

  Tariff reduction is one of the important contents of RCEP, and all member states have the same equal tax promises.

According to Tianjin Customs staff, in the first year of tax cuts, China and Japan will immediately implement zero tariffs on the tax items of about%and%of the other party.

In the end, 86%of products exported to China will achieve zero tariffs. At the same time, 88%of products exported from China to Japan will enjoy zero tariff treatment. After the RCEP agreement takes effect, more than 90%of the goods trade in the region will eventually realize zero tariffs.

  The cumulative rules of origin refers to the original materials of other member states used in the production process of RCEP member states, which can be regarded as local original materials, which will undoubtedly increase the proportion of origin value costs and reduce member states enterprises. Enjoy the threshold for zero tariffs. Take Ruiyi as an example. In the first month of the RCEP agreement, Wuqing Customs, which belonged to Tianjin Customs, has successively applied for 15 RCEP origin certificates for its straws to Japan, involving an amount of 10,000 yuan. "With the origin of the origin, the import tariff rate of our goods in the Japanese market decreased from 5%to%in the past, and there is still room for decline in the future.

Zheng Zhonglie said. According to statistics, since January 1, Tianjin Customs issued a total of more than 400 RCEP origin certificates, involving the value of more than 100 million yuan.

Among them, the RCEP certificate issued to Japan accounted for 90 % of the total visa. The Tianjin Huilai International Trade Co., Ltd., which is the Tianjin manufacturing value chain and the industrial chain in Jinghai District, is the first RCEP item in our city.

The "approved exporter system" is a highlight of RCEP.

After the enterprise becomes an exporter under the RCEP item, the RCEP origin statement can be issued at any time, and it is not necessary to apply to the visa institution certificate to the visa institution. "Our products are mainly sold to ASEAN countries. After becoming a approval exporter, we can more flexibly plan to arrange cargo production and exports, which is conducive to improving the international market competitiveness of the enterprise.

Therefore, as a senior Customs certification enterprise, at the beginning of RCEP, we applied for the first time to become approved exporters.

Ding Xifeng, manager of Tianjin Huilai International Trade Co., Ltd., told reporters that "In the future, our suppliers are not limited to Tianjin. Production companies in Beijing and Hebei can also export the industrial chain and expand the ‘circle of friends’. Enjoy policy dividends together.

Today, many companies have noticed that joining RCEP is a good opportunity to reshape the industrial chain.

  For example, before the implementation of RCEP, an enterprise exported raw materials to Vietnam and processed in Vietnam to Japan without enjoying tariff reduction. However, as China, Japan, and Vietnam have become members of RCEP, Chinese raw materials can be exported to Japan in Vietnam, and they can also enjoy tariff reduction and exemption. This undoubtedly provides more choices for enterprises to optimize their industrial chain. Not only that, export companies can incorporate the RCEP tariff reduction policy as an advantage into business negotiations, and share the dividends brought by the shareholders’ sharing of tariffs with the contractor. Twenty -day direct navigation in Sydney Tianjin divorce facing the historical opportunities provided by RCEP, Beijing -Tianjin -Hebei has acted.

  At the two conferences of Beijing in 2022, members of the CPPCC suggested that the RCEP preliminary demonstration zone was set up in Beijing’s sub -centers to try the adjustment of legal norms such as service trade, intellectual property, e -commerce, competition, and government procurement in RCEP to cope with domestic response to domestic response The new international economic situation has improved experience in opening up the level and level of opening up.

The Hebei Provincial Department of Commerce actively carried out a series of publicity and promotion activities with the "four one" as the starting point to guide local enterprises to understand the RCEP policy. For Tianjin, in the long run, the transportation between China and RCEP members is mainly sea roads. The circulation of cargo trade will inevitably rely on ports and shipping. The main exit of Xiong’an New District is the sea -land intersection of the “Belt and Road”, an important node and service of the new Asia -Europe Mainland Bridge Economic Corridor, which is open to the outside world. Promoting RCEP will bring more benefits and convenience to regional economic development and people’s lives, which will undoubtedly play a very important role. On the morning of February 28th, with the "Venus Blatter" wheel that berth at Tianjin Port Wharf, the first Australian Ocean route was officially opened in Tianjin Port. "Tianjin Port Group jointly opened the ‘Sino -Australian Direct Navigation’ with Star Comprehensive Shipping, which fully reflects our eager expectations of the Chinese market and a firm confidence in the status of Tianjin Northern International Shipping Hub.

"Liu Jun, general manager of Tianjin Branch of Yixing Comprehensive Shipping (China) Co., Ltd. said:" This is also a rapid response to RCEP, which fully fulfills the service commitment of the fastest period from Tianjin Port to Sydney. "" Under the new free trade framework, Tianjin’s cooperation space in foreign trade exports will definitely be further expanded. "One of the largest freight agency companies in Tianjin, Wang Hongxu, general manager of Tianjin Foreign Shipping Co., Ltd. is full of confidence in the prospects." We will actively play the role of bridge and link between ship agents and logistics operations between ports and ship companies. Certificate services, binding services, sea railway channels, funds settlement, epidemic prevention and control and other aspects do a good job of preparing work, and seize new opportunities for RCEP routes with expert -type agents and humanized services.

"The water is deep, and the city is Jiaxing. Since 2014, the scale of import and exports in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei has reached a new high. In 2019, it exceeded 4 trillion yuan in 2019. In 2021, it reached trillion yuan.

On this basis, the policy dividend brought by RCEP has been seized, and the scale of Beijing -Tianjin -Hebei foreign trade exports is expected to go to a new level. (Reporter Zhang Zhaorui) (Responsible editor: Li Dan, Zhang Jingqi) Share more people see it.