It’s good to run out of the grassland to say "No" Xinjiang: I found it together to deal with it together

However, this situation is not a case.

With the development of Xinjiang’s tourism industry, the development of mining, and the expansion of the city, the phenomenon of the grassland ecosystems in some areas is destroyed. Recently, the city’s first regulation of the city’s first municipal civil public interest litigation case was formed by the city’s city of Turpan, Xinjiang. In the mining mining of mining in Cumhh Town, Toton County, the three companies pile up waste piles on natural grass, and build temporary construction sites to store vehicles, machinery and equipment, etc. The procuratorial organs claimed that the defendant ordered the defendant to stop infringement and restore the original state of the destroyed natural grassland, and paid more than 1.34 million yuan in grassland vegetation recovery fees and grassland compensation fees and grassland technology appraisal fees.

In the capital Urumqi, most of the grasslands are deserted grasslands and warm grasslands in the mountains. The growth of vegetation is not easy. In 2020, Urumqi City launched a special rectification operation of the grassland ecological environment to conduct law enforcement inspections on the behavior of crushing the grassland, dumping discharge waste, and underwood.

At the same time, the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Lincao Bureau and the State Forest Grass Bureau Urumqi Commissioner Office recently held the first joint meeting in 2022.

The meeting emphasized that it is necessary to use the contact and cooperation mechanisms of the Commission for Discipline Inspection, Railway Procuratorate, and Public Security Organs to severely investigate and deal with illegal behaviors to destroy the destruction of forest grass resources and promote the rectification of illegal destruction of forest resources.

We must jointly conduct investigations on outstanding issues in the high -quality development of forest grass in the autonomous region, understand the situation in an all -round way, analyze the research in depth, and actively provide suggestions for the high -quality development of the forest and grass industry in the autonomous region.

Adhere to the people’s supremacy and respond to the concerns of the masses.

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