Zhu Guoxian: Comprehensively promote rural revitalization to promote agricultural harvest farmers to increase income

During the investigation of Hengyang, Zhu Guoxian emphasized the comprehensive promotion of rural revitalization to promote the increase in agricultural harvest farmers for 10 days. Zhu Guoxian, deputy secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, investigated in Hengyang City. He emphasized that it is necessary to thoroughly study and implement the important exposition of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s work on the work of "three rural areas and rural areas" and the spirit of the important speech during the National Two Sessions, carry the heavy responsibility of the province of grain production, seize the spring farming of agriculture, stabilize the basic agricultural market, comprehensively promote rural revitalization , Promote agricultural harvest farmers to increase their income.

The total arable land area of ??Taijiu Village, Taiyuan Town, Hengyang County reaches 3056 acres, and is currently promoting spring plowing in an orderly manner. After checking agricultural capital reserves and planting seedlings, Zhu Guoxian emphasized that we must firmly adhere to the guarantee of ensuring food safety and important agricultural products to ensure this bottom line, strictly implement the responsibility of party and government and government in food safety, and promote the improvement of oil bean coffee capacity; to ensure fertilizer fertilizer The supply of agricultural resources such as seeds and pesticides is stable, strengthen social services, solve the worries of farmers, and enhance the enthusiasm of farmers’ grain planting; to cultivate new types of professional farmers who love agriculture, understand technology, and operate well; Barries, cultural heritage and other functions to enhance the economic value, ecological value and aesthetic value of agriculture.

In Meihua Village, Xidu Town, Zhu Guoxian inspected the standardized house, "Houde Concentric Consulting Bank" and Meihua Town Happy Valley.

Knowing that the village’s "integration system" promotes the construction of a credit system and develops rural tourism to drive farmers to increase their income, Zhu Guoxian expressed praise, and encouraged relevant responsible comrades to adhere to the leadership of party building, explore and summarize the beneficial experience of grassroots governance, do a good job of agricultural and tourism integration articles, promote promotion Green water and green mountains are transformed into Jinshan Yinshan, driving farmers to increase their income and become rich.

Entering the Pianshan Experimental Middle School, Zhu Guoxian learned about the reform and development of the school in detail and affirmed the effectiveness of running the school.

He pointed out that it is necessary to deepen curriculum teaching reform, improve the level of service after class, and promote the comprehensive implementation of the "double reduction" work; firmly grasp the basic direction of public interest and inclusiveness, and standardize the development of private compulsory education. When he came to Furong School of Taiyuan Town, Hengyang County, Zhu Guoxian inspected the campus cultural corridor, sports and art gallery and psychological counseling room. He said that we must adhere to moral education, intellectual education, sports, aesthetic education, and labor education, enrich campus cultural life, pay attention to students’ mental health, and promote the comprehensive development of students; comprehensively implement the education funding policy, and prevent a child from losing school due to family economic difficulties.

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