Zhejiang state -owned enterprises help steadily improve the quality of "nine moves" to tackle and promote the steadyness

  The reporter learned from the Provincial Enterprise Enterprise Enterprises in the 1st on the 1st and learned that the province’s implementation of provincial enterprises in our province has been improving quality and quality. 2. Promoting the stable and healthy development of the economy and society contributes greater power.

  To stabilize the economic market, state -owned enterprises must first stabilize. Faced with the increase in economic operation pressure since April, the provincial SASAC’s policy measures to implement the country and our province’s stability of the economy and our province have introduced the provincial enterprises to help to help promote the stable economic operation of the province. " 22 measures "to help small and medium -sized enterprises cross the difficulty of small and medium -sized enterprises from the aspects of insurance increase, speed reduction, and investment, and promote the coordinated development of large, small and medium -sized enterprises.

  This tackling operation includes the prevention of the development of the epidemic prevention, the implementation of the policy of helping the enterprise, the strong resilience of the foreign trade, the expansion of investment dispute projects, the power of strong innovation, the promotion and the promotion of the circulation, the supply of the market, stabilizing employment and people’s livelihood, promoting reform and quality and quality effects After the nine major items, the action is remarkable. For example, in terms of the implementation of the policy of helping the enterprise, it is required to use sufficient national policies and the province’s stable economic policies to ensure that the policy is directly enjoyed, but also to promote provincial enterprises to help rescue and solve difficult measures. Refine and implement various support policies such as paying accounts, reducing rent and exemption, reducing costs, integrating funds, innovation leadership, investment driving, stable employment, etc., help small and medium -sized enterprises in cooperative development, and play a good role in supporting state -owned economic strategic support. In the tackling operation of the investment dispute project, proposed a major strategy of serving the province, launched a batch of "14th Five -Year Plan" key projects early, and planned a number of major and new infrastructure such as transportation, energy, water conservancy, information, technology, logistics, etc. The project has effectively promoted the early landing, fast investment and construction of the project, and achieved more physical workload as soon as possible to improve the level of infrastructure guarantee.

  In terms of preserving and promoting cycle tackling operations, the focus is on the full -effort to ensure the smooth flow of the transportation and logistics system, and ensure that the transportation systems such as ports, airports, highways, railways and other transportation systems in the province are efficient and smooth.

At the same time, give play to the advantages of state -owned leading enterprises, strengthen the cooperation linkage of the industrial chain supply chain upstream and downstream, and fully maintain the stability and safety of the supply chain of the industrial chain. (Reporter Fang Zhenzi Correspondent Jiang Yan) Editor in charge: Zhang Ling.