[Small Word Dream] Gaoping City Jianning Township: Development of Scale Radam Consolidation Industry Foundation

In recent years, Jianning Township, Gaoping City actively adjusts the industrial structure. Through government support, base demonstration, large households drive, promote the transformation of traditional farming to scale, standardized modern farming model, effectively to the masses continue to increase. Into the construction of Ning Township to build a chicken farm. The person in charge of the Master Ji is in the gain of the eggs.

In addition to picking out the work, Ji Master also needs to control the light, temperature, humidity of the chicken house, and do a good cage maintenance and sweeping work. Most of the day, he spends the house in the hut.

According to Ji Master, in 2019, he began to breeding under the guidance of the government and related policies. As the feeding technology increased, the scale of chicken farm was expanded from 5,000, and the annual egg was 200,000 pounds, net income More than 100,000 yuan.

In Jianning Township, there are 7 kinds of farms such as the East Chicken farm, and the road, electricity, water supply, water, life office area in the field, etc.

In order to promote the rapid development of the farming industry, we have to do this article in scale breeding, and the focus of the land use, fund support, technical services, etc. are cultivated in the development of the breeding enterprises.

At the same time, in terms of local conditions, due to Village Shi Ce, vigorously develop pigs, chickens, sheep, and numerous parents, and explore a sustainable development path of agricultural and animal husbandry cycles.

At present, Jianning Township has built more than 20 farms (districts), cultivating more than 10 large-scale farmers, and the total amount of livestock and poultry reached 10,000 (only).

"We will continue to adjust the industrial structure, actively coordinate funds, help farmers do infrastructure construction such as water, electricity, roads, and cultivate the development of growth and growing farmers, and continue to increase farmers’ income and promote rural residence.

"The Township, the deputy secretary of the party committee of Jianning Township, said. (Mingquan Guilong Lingling) [Editor: Peng Xin].