[Struggling 100-year road to set sail new journey of the Chinese Communist Party] Nan Muwan: Difficult to fight hard

In the Golden Autumn Festival, the "labor model + family" organization organized by Shaanxi Provincial National Defense Union recuped 100 people to come to the famous Nanci Bay.

Going down the bus, everyone is bright in front: "Wow, it is a good Jiangnan ‘in Northern Shaanxi!" The mountains around the mountains, the two outlooks not arrived.

Hillow, Great Production Sports Plaza, Cadre College, Da Manufacturing Exhibition Hall, Hotel, and a lot of fire in the world.

Emerging small towns, large scale, a modern, developing a breath.A wide range of Pingchuan, a golden rice field.Guide: "This is a relatively complete rice field, 460 mu, 460 mu, 2018 with North Duplex Group, 2018, is a thousand pounds, and the yield is thousands of kilograms., Rice is ripe, fragrant is rich in Sichuan."The Nobi Jiangnan" in Northern Shaanxi is Le Tianyu discovered that Zhu De is named.

In 1940, Le Tianyu, Director of Yan’an Natural Sciences, Director, Shaanxi, Border Forestry, found that Yan’an Nashen Town has a slide, a swamp, forest and field, and it is recommended to develop. Subsequently, Zhu De, Wang Zhao went to the inspection, in the face of a water grass, Zhu De said to Lotus: "If Open the field rice, it will become a Tianlian Mo’s Jiangnan Water Town … call it Nansuwan.

"At the time, this self-drought, barren, and rare, Shaanxi-Gansin, which was heavy, blocked, red Yan’an encountered serious economic difficulties. On February 2, 1939, the CPC Central Committee held production mobilization meeting in Yan’an, Mao Zedong I will send a call and pro-inscription "I do my hands, and eat enough food."

A large production movement of self-reliance, in the Loess Plateau vigorously.

In March 1941, Wang Zhen led the 359 to the Nansuwan, and began to reclaim the cloudy field. The majority of officers and soldiers overcome various difficulties, smash the zipper, and the shackles of the loess high slope, a thermal chartering labor competition scene, emerged for one by one.

Nanci Bay became "Rice Cang Sichuan", "Good Jiangnan", and the 359 trip to Tianfou land has become a banner of large production movements, which is promoted to various anti-Japanese bases.

In the Yan’an literary world, he went to the Nanniwan Labor, from He Jingzhi, the "Nan Muwan" folk songs of the Mark, and was sang by Guo Lan Ying, and finally, the north of Jiangnan.

With the "northern Jiangnan" "is a crop, it is a crop," "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" ""

"Nan Miwan Spirit as an important part of the Chinese Communist Partyism, is the spiritual quality formed by the anti-Japanese military and civilians representing the 359 brigade of the Eighth Route Army, and is the Chinese Communist Party. The powerful spiritual power of hardships, is the strong spiritual weapon and strength of our party to overcome various difficulties and hardships. "Said Yuan Wuzhen, Dean of the Marxist College of Xi’an University of Posts and Telecommunications.

"Today’s Nanchiwan" out of Yan’an, 45 km from Southeast, and when a bright red giant party emblem was highlighted in Qingshan Green Sichuan, Nanciwan was here. At the end of 2016, Yan’an City made a decision-making of the development of Nansuwan. It is clear that the goal is clear: "Relying on the military, farm cultural and red resources, natural ecology, construction of Nansuwan town as the core, driving the development zone of the surrounding regional economic and social development. Create a set, two, and three industrial integration development demonstration zone integrating modern agriculture, education and training, literature and numerous digital technology.

"" 60 days to complete the farmer market, Dahu Tang and other regions, the demolition, 100 days to complete the 39-kilometer rod line migration, 5 days to complete the 54 households in Yushu Bay area, transfer … We carry forward the spirit of Nanchang Bay, starting a game The battle of the development and construction of the field. Wu Xiong, deputy director of the Development Plan Development Plan for Nanchangwan Development Zone Management Committee. After nearly 5 years of construction, a brand new Nansuwan first saw the scale, and the descendants came out: – raise billions of dollars, improve infrastructure.

S303 road, landscape 1-4, travel highway, lay 10 kilometers of natural gas main network, water supply and weak electric pipeline, comprehensive service center, college exhibition center, rice Xiangmen Square, cold chain logistics park, S30 Built-in.

– Completed 923 million shed and demolition of the core area, and the transformation of 1968 households, 430 toilet; build 46 resettlement houses, 789 sets, leisure squares, kindergartens, and Milan Hua Hotel, etc. Completion.

– Turn 10, restore and build rice fields, 1500 mu of rice fields, 509 mu of vegetation, 330 acres of wetlands, 125 acres of lotus ponds, 10 kilometers of the river, and created the first national Wetland Park in Northern Shaanxi.

– Introduce 191 companies, build a thousand mu of landscape rice fields, jointly establish an ecological farming demonstration park; build a farm / military education base, Jintan Bay Youth Research Base, Yan’an Xinhua Ceramics Museum; Xigmen Landscape, Party Emblem, Great Production Square, Open in the Jiangnan Style Street (Phase 1), the annual reception of tourists exceeded 800,000.

"Learn the South Muwan" "The flower basket of the flower, listen to me, sing, sing …" On July 16th, the 82-year-old old artist is a "South Muwan", pull Opened the Cuts of Yan’an South Muwan Workers Craftsman College. After the deputy director of the Standing Committee of the Shaanxi Provincial People’s Congress, Guo Dadu, Chairman of the Provincial General Federation, Participation leaders and Dou Tiecheng and other famous national labor models, great artisans, and Yan’an period, Yangbu Hao, Zhao Zhankui, etc., relatives, and obligatory labor The foundation of the college.

The construction of Yan’an South Mud Bay Work Model Craftsman College is the Shaanxi Provincial Federation of Trade Unions to deepen the construction reform of the industry workers’ team construction, inheriting the spirit of the Nanci Bay, Yan’an spirit, in the development and construction of Nanci Bay, wrote a unique labor, labor model Wonderful pen.

Shaanxi Province has always put forward the overall requirements of "one year completion, two-year investment, three-year brand effect", established agencies such as construction work leading groups, work specials, coordination leading groups, forming special people, proceeding, The work pattern of the listing of the war is completed with only more than 7 months, completes the incident, land allocation, control review, investment budget examination and other matters. A construction scene of a "labor model of labor model" is built.

"We implements the ‘first-line working method’, according to the idea of ??’project target, target section, node responsibility", to promote various construction tasks, draw the project construction workflow chart, wall chart combat. "Shaanxi General Union Vice Chairman, Yan’an South Muwan Motor Model Craftsman College Construction Work Leading Group Group said Chang’an Qiang.

Xu Xiaoming is the production manager of the Thirteen Construction Group of the Thirteen Construction Group, the production manager of the School of Working Craftsman College, often two feet muddle through each corner of the construction site. Up to now, the project construction has completed the establishment of earth, main body, precipitation support, installation and other output value of about 62 million yuan; the comprehensive building A area is carrying out the main three-layer (sandwich) construction, the B-area and power center main body, the cultural housing has been capped … .