Ordos: Consumption assistance to break the rural revitalization

The first secretary of the village in Ordos live broadcast from the secretary of the municipal party committee to the village secretary, all of which have become "spokespersons" and "salesman" of agricultural and sideline products.

The city’s 735 Baolian Village work team transformed into a production and marketing service team, and did not do "one hammer buying and selling", so that the "first return" turned "back".

At the highest peak, 2476 Baolian resident cadres promoted agricultural supply -side reforms during the production process of the front line, helped farmers and herdsmen to determine the breeds and scale of breeding, purchase seeds, fertilizer and other means of production; actively connected "talents to go to the countryside" "Flexible flow of talents" and other channels, provide farmers and herdsmen with skills training such as breeding technology, epidemic prevention, and e -commerce services; promote the popularization of technical standards, solidly grasp standardized production, "three products and one standard" certification, poverty alleviation products, quality, quality Safety traceability, brand creation and cultivation, etc., make good planting, testing, and brand levels. Liu Wenxiang, Secretary of the Party Branch of the Village Party Branch of Kaimel Town, Ortoch, said that the Municipal Trade Promotion Council contacted Inner Mongolia Consumer Poverty Alleviation Poverty Alleviation Procurement and Exhibition Service Center Ordos Sub -Center to open up sales channels and solve the sales difficulties of 6000 catties of dry mutton. The total amount of more than 700,000 yuan, "It really helps the masses to do practical things." "Difficulties are like mountains, the contracting unit helps to move, the sales are not smooth, the boss is difficult, the enterprise and land jointly build the customs, the purchase of a welfare of emptiness, and the people like it.

Yang Heng, a villager of Daranu, said, "For the people, the Communist Party is our good mountain! "There are 237 state -owned enterprises and state -owned enterprises in the city of Ordos, 1,769 private enterprises above designated size, and more than 35,000 employees. Touching, grounding, and effective assistance measures have allowed Ordos’s farmers and herdsmen, especially those in difficulties to get real benefits. -In 2020, the city signed 466 specific procurement contracts with 238 resident companies in the city. , Completed the actual procurement of 100 million yuan, the per capita sales revenue of farmers and herdsmen realized 3822 yuan; -In 2021, the city signed 366 specific procurement contracts with 292 resident companies, completed the actual procurement of 100 million yuan, and the per capita sales revenue of farmers and herdsmen realized 3317 yuan. ; In the first quarter of 2022, the city signed 42 specific procurement contracts with 62 resident enterprises, completed the actual procurement of 100 million yuan, and signed with the resident enterprises in the new round of company land joint consumption assistance to sign a contract. , Sign the amount of 100 million yuan.

At the beginning, Jianji’s consumption assistance was the first to start. In fact, consumption assistance can be traced back to Earlier in Ordos.