[School History Office "] Shanxi Provincial Taxation Bureau of the State Administration of Taxation: Deepening the reform of tax collection and management provides strong" tax "for Shanxi economic development

The Shanxi Provincial Taxation Bureau of the State Administration of Taxation conducted research on coal and power preservation work in Taiyuan Second Power Plant. People’s Network: Party history learning education is an important long-term job of the whole party. How do national Tax Administration’s Shanxi Provincial Taxation Bureau plans to establish long-term effective mechanisms, promote the integration of party history education? Qi Zhihong: First, he will continue to force it.

The Party Committee of the Taxation Organs at all levels will implement the spirit of the Sixth Plenary Session as an important political task in the current period, and profoundly understand that there is no change in the past 100 years.

Adhere to the school history and institutionalization, normalization, and pay attention to the spirit of mental inheritance and learning of red tax history.

All Shanxi tax, under the shine of tax emblem, from the history of the 100-year party, will firmly believe in, strong, conscientious, continuous struggle, do not end up with the expectations of the party and the people, shouldering the mission of the country of development, improvement Party sex cultivation, struggling to promote the modernization process of taxation.

The second is to continue to strengthen the preferential policy. The Taxation Bureau resolutely implements a series of tax preferential policies launched by the country, targeted by taxpayers, and runs "Jin Enjoy Tax Hui" preferential policy retrieval push system, achieving the tax preferential policy system integration, precise positioning, intelligent push.

At present, the system has run on the Shanxi Provincial Electronic Taxation Bureau, the Shanxi Taxation Bureau official website, Shanxi Tax WeChat public account, etc., providing powerful support for taxpayers to enjoy national tax bonus.

The provincial and county three-level tax authorities also set up a work team to carry out part management, and settle down in the work mechanism of gridization + commitment + list.

The first three quarters of this year, the province’s new tax reduction and tax reduction is worth 100 million yuan.

The third is to continue to use the problem of taxpayers’ payment. The province’s tax department carries out "I will pay trials for the taxpayer’s payroll", "IFranate the taxpayer’s urgent problem, launch 30 three more specific measures of 10 categories; carry out special actions of" spring rain runk ", United Provincial Industry and Commerce Launches 3 Category 12 Help Action Measures; support financial institutions to promote the innovation of "tax bank interaction".

The first three quarters of this year, helping 10541 small and private enterprises to obtain loan billions. Jointly issued the "Notice on Implementation of Some Measures for Implementing Tax Payment Convenience Reform", formulating 5 categories of 15 specific measures, working together, and promoting depth between departments Collaboration, data sharing, work integration, and promote integrated services to "deep". The Electronic Tax Office and the province’s integrated online government service platform, in terms of enterprises, real estate transactions, invoices, etc., launch 16 "package" business, implement a table application, one submission, limited time to pay. Offline business "One Hall" has been implemented in the province’s 56 government service centers to implement various social security business, with more than 1.17 million traffic volumes.

The fourth is to promote the development of tax leaps in Shanxi.

The tax authorities at all levels in the province adhere to the party building leaders, closely around the implementation of the party committee of the Provincial Department of Taxation, "four" development requirements, "four breaks, four-standing" development requirements and "one lead, two wings, four-wheel drive" Thinking, based on the new development stage, implement the new development concept, serve the new development pattern, dare to break the thoughts in the development process, good at using a good innovation method, brave in the spirit of the struggle, high-quality, the new era, the new era, the new journey, promote Shanxi Taxation Realize leaping development.

People’s Network: After the twelfth party congress in Shanxi Province, the province has quickly unified the ideas and the actions to the spirit of the conference, and it is true. So, how will the Shanxi Taxation Bureau of the State Administration of Taxation will implement the spirit of the provincial party congress and promote high quality development. Qi Zhihong: The twelfth party congress in Shanxi Province has comprehensively summed up the work and important enlightenment of the past five years. The system has elaborated the goal requirements of high quality development, and put forward the guiding ideology and development goals in the next five years and even longer. , A comprehensive deployment of the construction of the province’s party building and the leadership of the party.

In combination with the actual tax work in the province, the tax authorities at all levels in the province must quickly implement the spirit of the twelfth party congress and the provincial party committee "decision" spirit to implement the spirit.

It is necessary to implement the spirit of the twelfth party congress in the province and the implementation of the 19th Sixth Plenary Session of the Plenary Session, and the "Opinions on the Implementation of the Sino-Mansee Office" on Further Deepening Tax Coordination Management Reform " It is economic high-quality development, high-quality tax-tax income; revolves around the "important emphasis is industrial transformation", high-quality implementation tax concessions; revolve around "solid training together", high quality enhanced people’s livelihood well-being; Expert Office ", high quality optimization tax service; revolve around" Building Beautiful Shanxi ", high quality service green development, sometimes the urgency of our inception will promote high-quality development in Shanxi to make tax contributions.

The tax authorities at all levels must fully implement the decision on strengthening the construction of the new provincial party committee, combined with the actual, improved system, improve the mechanism, constantly improve the work institutionalization, standardization, and programming levels, and strengthen the depth of the department. Focus on accurate Schedule, protect key projects, and help enterprises.

Party committees of the tax bureaus at all levels should give the provincial party committee, strengthen ideological and political construction, seriously in the party’s political life. (Source: National Tax Administration Shanxi Taxation Bureau) (Editor: Sang Liyuan, Zhang Linshan) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.