The Governor of Pennsylvania, the Asian -Pacific Affairs Committee of the United States, celebrates the award of the Chinese high school student Lu Minhui, a Chinese high school student in Asia -Pacific traditional monthly activities

Southeast Network May 30 (special correspondent Lin Yingzhang on this website) Recently, the Governor of Pennsylvania’s Asia -Pacific Affairs Commission held a traditional monthly event in Asia -Pacific -Pacific descent in the governor’s residence, and presented awards to the first Asian Pennsylvania Progress Award winners. Essence

Governor Tom Wolf and the first lady Francis Wolf attended the event. In this event, three senior community organizations and Chinese high school students Lu Minhui were awarded the "Promoting Pennsylvana Progress Award" to recognize their outstanding contributions to the Asian -Pennel community and Pennsylvania. Sun Yi, director of the Asian -Pacific Affairs Committee of Pennsylvania, said that the theme of the traditional Asian -Pacific traditional month this year is to promote the development of leaders through cooperation. "We must face the challenges and achievements we face, recognize and enhance leaders, and promote cooperation. To this end, the committee has set up the" Promoting Pennsylvana French Progress Award "to recognize leaders who have made outstanding contributions to Pennsylvania in our community.

"Lu Minhui, a high school student in the Yicheng Chinese descent, is the only personal winner of this event. She stepped forward when facing racial violence.

In an interview with a reporter, she said that participating in the activities of celebrating the traditional month of Asia -Pacific, so that she learned more about the positive contribution of Asia -Pacific descent to Pennsylvania.

The voice of young people can also go to the mainstream and be affirmed and valued by the government. Young people can also contribute to the promotion of Pennsylvania. Chen Zhanyuan, the new Chinese member of the Asian -Pacific Affairs Committee, Zhu Feng, co -chairman and secretary general of the Pennsylvana Chinese Overseas Chinese League, Lu Wenbin, Executive Chairman of Honor, Liu Derong, Chairman of Hengfa Supermarket, and Lu Min Ke attended the event.