Tibet: Charity forces help Lhasa’s north -south mountain greening project

Tibet: Public Welfare forces help Lhasa’s north -south mountain greening project Source: Time: April 27, 2022, the spring flowers bloom new green, and trees are planted at the time.

In order to deeply practice low -carbon life, under the guidance of the Beijing Aid Command and the Lhasa Industry and Commerce Federation, the Tibet Beijing Chamber of Commerce recently organized nearly a hundred enthusiastic volunteers to carry out public welfare trees in Nanshan Park in Liuwu New District.

At the tree planting site, everyone waved the shovel, watered the tree, and a hot laborer scene, leaving the "green memory" in Lhasa.

A total of about 2,000 trees such as spruce, begonia, purple leaves, apple trees, and lilacs were planted in this tree planting activity. Volunteers will also carry out daily maintenance work on a regular basis to consolidate the results of greening.

It is understood that Nanshan Park, as part of the greening project of the north and south mountains of Lhasa, is the representative project of the first large -scale ecological construction and restoration of the river valley area in Tibet. For ecological benefits, the project can add about 49.8 million tons of water annual water storage, 10,000 tons of carbon solidarity, 10,000 tons of oxygen, and the amount of fertilizer 10,000 tons. The annual ecological value is 100 million yuan. Author: Fan Fan Source: Xinhuanet Release time: April 26, 2022.